Adventure Cycling…T-Shirts?

I’m not sure why I feel the need to start the introduction to anything money related I do with a justification or an apology. Perhaps with this blog, and the tales and adventures within, for me representing some sort of escapism to work life and consumerism, it seems a bit of a crass contrast.

But in reality of course, we can’t take ourselves out of society entirely, yet continue to function within it. So the way I see it is rather than trying to sell you something you never knew you needed, Back of Beyond Cycling t-shirts are simply a combination and extension of two things I love doing – illustrating and cycling.

If you happen to like the look of them as well as the idea of adventure cycling and are looking for a way to express this – then here’s what we’ve got on offer so far…

Tales from the Back Of Beyond T-Shirt

Our first design is a black screen print on either marl olive green or crisp white t-shirts (Gilden Softstyle Premium), all hand-illustrated from our home in East Sussex, then skilfully hand-pulled in a small studio in Cornwall.

The design idea stems from a little overnight trip down here in the South Downs last spring.


Out of Office T-Shirt

“Our ‘Out of Office’ t-shirt aims to convey just that feeling: having momentarily escaped the pressure of work life and just being in the moment, a moment of calm and simplicity, a moment on a bike packing trip.”

It may sound a little cheesy but quite frankly rings true. I don’t know about you but waking up in a tent to a view like this is what dreams are made of. On the Divide we had the ‘luxury’ of camping 18 times in little over a month’s time. OK, admittedly, finding somewhere with a shower in between was a luxury also…

The screen print is black again but this time on marl grey t-shirts and if you are a woman and prefer your shirts to be fitting, then good news as these come in women’s-specific sizes too. The t-shirt type is Gilden Softstyle again.


Peak District Peace T-Shirt

Now here come not just one but two additional aspects of things I love into the equation: mountains and sheep. 🙂

Our ‘Peak District Peace’ t-shirt is inspired by a riding trip in…yes indeed, the Peak District, standing by (and trying not to distract) a ewe and her lamb and overlooking the village of Hope, Derbyshire to be more exact. Anyone who’s ever ridden around there, be it on or off road, will understand the sentiment. Anyone who hasn’t, has got a trip to plan…

The screen print is white on dark heather Gilden Softstyle t-shirts and again, men’s (unisex) and women’s-specific sizes are available; all hand-pulled in Cornwall.

Hope you like them.


You can buy them through our webshop here.

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