Six favourite things about Bespoked 2018


  1. Being a part of it

    While many of the traditional bike trade shows have kind of lost their spell (and relevance) in recent years, Bespoked keeps up its magnetism, both for visitors and exhibitors. Now in its 8th year and back at Bristol’s Brunel Old Station, it was a privilege to be amongst the 100+ talented exhibitors and showcase our work to the cycling community.


  2. Colourburn Studio’s babushka doll stem for August Bicycles

Not usually one to seek out ‘cute details’, I owe this one to my Russian-born grandmother. So good.


3. Saffron Framework‘s copper-plated corn bike for Bulleit Bourbon

Awarded ‘Best in Show’ as well as the ‘Outstanding Finish/Paint Award’, I clearly wasn’t alone in thinking this was the show’s stand-out piece.


4. Spending the weekend in good company with Enigma Bikes

OK, with (Back Of Beyond Cycling’s) Richard having worked at Enigma for a couple of years now, I’m slightly biased but great to see the Sussex-based brand return to Bespoked for 2018 with their beautiful custom-builds. And their new Excel GR gravel bike even picked up an award – the ‘Grit CX Choice’. Well deserved.


5. Grafton Saddler’s gorgeous custom-covered saddles

Stand-neighbour Hannah of Hackney-based Grafton Saddler  was perhaps the best surprise of the weekend: Such lovely company and so incredibly talented. Her custom, beautifully hand-covered saddles drew everyone into their spell. Must catch up soon.



6. Seeing the Adventure Syndicate setting off for #MatchtheMiles

“I’m not letting you go without a hug!’ – short but very sweet catch up with the wonderful Lee Craigie and Jenny Graham of the Adventure Syndicate as they set off for their Match the Miles challenge on Sunday.


Thanks for swinging by, chatting, purchasing and encouraging me to keep at it and thanks for having me Phil and Tessa!

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